Cirrus 5.0

Request most DUATS functions off-line using an intuitive graphic interface
5.0 (See all)

Cirrus allows you to request most DUATS functions off-line using an intuitive graphic interface. When you are finished deciding what you need for your flight, all you need to do is click on the DIAL button and Cirrus downloads the requested information without further user intervention. You can immediately review the information off-line or look at it later.

Cirrus is a mature software product and will not have future updates. The following links are provided for re-installation of the product. Database updates will continue to be available and current.
Cirrus needs to be loaded into a clean directory. If you elect to load it in an existing Cirrus Directory you must remove all previous Cirrus files from the "Cirrus" directory and all files from the subdirectory "DATA".
Exception: Saved flight plans with extension .CSC do not have to be removed and the Cirrus.ini file does not have to be removed.
If you elect to remove the .INI file make sure you have your access code and password to re-enter.

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